Riding High
This is a scan of a photograph taken at the 2003
Metcalfe Fair, just south of Ottawa Ontario for
MetcalfeFair.com. The rides are Robertson's 1001
Nachts and Century Wheel. At the time, I almost
threw it away because of the sun flare on the wheel.
                Thar She Blows!
I came across these kids in the park on the  
Collingwood, Ontario waterfront. The photo was
taken shortly before noon on July 16, 2010.
          Sauble Beach Playground
This shot of Sauble Beach was taken from about a
block from the beach while we were having lunch at
a local restaurant on July 15, 2010.
              Sauble Beach Sunset
You can't take photos at Sauble Beach and not try
for a Lake Huron sunset shot. They are often
spectacular, and always beautiful.
              Sauble Beach Sunset
Most sunsets are watched from the beach by several
hunderd people. These two shots were taken shortly
before 9 pm on July 16, 2010.
                  Victoria Park Beach
This shot was taken from the pier when we visited
the Cobourg Waterfront Festival  July 4, 2010. This
Lake Ontario beach is a bout an hour east of Toronto.
                  Cobourg Marina
Cobourg's large marina is located on the opposite
side of the pier from the beach.
                 Cobourg Marina
There's almost always traffic in and out of the
marina during the Cobourg Waterfront Festival.
       Richmond Fair Parade Wheelie
This was another lucky shot. I was about to take a
photo of the photographer, a personal friend, when
he suddenly raised his camera and I saw a blur in the
left side of my viewfinder. I snapped the camera to
the left and fired it as I did. The shutter clicked a
fraction of a second later capturing this shot. It was
taken September 18, 2010 at Richmond Fair's parade.
                    Zipper At Night
This shot of Robertson Amusements' new Zipper
ride was taken at Richmond Fair on Friday evening,
September 10, 2010.
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