Bump'er Good
This is one of my favourite midway shots from the
2009 Metcalfe Fair. I had been waiting for this girl
with the great smile to move into this spot, and just
as she did, the young lad in the background put his
head through the railing to add that extra something.
          Country Fair Evening
A six horse hitch team of heavy horses passes in
front of the midway after leaving the Metcalfe Fair
Saturday Evening Horse Show on October 3rd, 2009.
Most of the light is from the midway while the
immediate foreground was lit by my flash.
               Winter Wonderland
Believe it or not, this peaceful winter scene was
taken looking south from Byron Street, right in the
middle of the village of Metcalfe, Ontario. The
arched tree in the distance is probably a remnant of
the monstrous ice storm of 1998.
                    Cool Shades!!
The Merry-Go-Round is always a great place to get
nice photos of families having fun. This one was
taken Friday, September 25th, 2009 at Carp Fair.
            Slippin' Into The Shot
This young fellow figured he'd get himself onto a
website photo if he was quick enough. Unfortunately,
this shot was only an exposure test at Carp Fair on
September 25, 2009.  But I guess he made it anyway!
 The Bright Lights of Richmond Fair
This shot was taken at Richmond Fair Thursday
evening, September 17th, 2009 just moments before
the midway light were shut off for the night.
                      Close Call
The second horse of this 3 horse single file team
stepped on and became entangled in a slack line to
the lead horse at the Carp Fair Horse Show on
Saturday, September 26, 2009.
                      Close Call
The lack of panic by the horses, and quick action by
the driver and handlers resulted in the lead horse
quickly being released, and the second horse's leg  
being untangled without incident or injury.
           Spenserville Fair Buddy
This gentle little lady is one of the most attractive
and photogenic goats I have ever photographed. I
first saw her in the 4-H Goat Show at the Ottawa
SuperEx in 2008, so she's probably about 2 years old.
                   Go, Porky, Go!!
he 2007 Richmond Fair went Hog Wild much to the
delight of fairgoers when the Celebrity Racing Pigs
tore around the track. You might even see races
between geese and ducks.
            Hair-Raising Experience
These riders obviously enjoyed their ride on the
Robertson Amusements' Crazy Surf ride at the 2007
Richmond Fair.
                      Bobcat Girl
This young lady was all smiles as she took the wheel
of a Bobcat loader that was displayed on the Outside
Mall at the 2010 Ottawa Valley Farm Show.
                 Jumping For Joy
This photo was taken at Richmond Fair, near Ottawa
Ontario, on Sunday, September 20, 2009. The right
front horse on this miniature 8 horse hitch
celebrates the win as the team leaves the ring. If you
look very carefully, you can see that all four feet are
in the air.
    "You Fire That Flash and I'll..."
I met this lady at Erin Fair, northwest of Toronto
near Orangeville and Barrie, and at the time, she
was bleating to a friend a few pens down. I didn't
make a friend when I took this one - I was about a
meter away from her and used my flash. Cut her off
in mid-bleat!  The photo was taken October 10, 2009.
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