Fort Laramie - September 9, 1956 - "The Buffalo Hunters"
starring Raymond Burr (Perry Mason and Ironside on TV)

The Lone Ranger  May 22, 1950 - "The Iron Horse"
stars Brace Beemer as the Lone Ranger and John Todd as Tonto.

The Cisco Kid -  1956 -  "Battle of the Lost Mine"
Jack Mather stars as the Cisco Kid, a Mexician cowboy often billed as "The Robin Hood of
the Old West", and Harry Lang plays his sidekick, Pancho.  They were on the side of the law,
although many believed they were crooks. The pair perpetuated this hoax to throw criminals
off guard, but also spent a fair bit of time trying to convince the local sheriff that they really
were on the side of the law.

Wild Bill Hickok - May 6, 1953 - "Wild Bill's New Deputy"
Starring Guy Madison & Andy Devine.  There was a blooper at the top of this show during the
recording session and you'll hear it here. It was edited out before the show was broadcast.

Hopalong Cassidy -  May 21, 1950 - "Range War"
starring William Boyd

The Six Shooter - May 13, 1954 - "The Double Seven"
Starring James Stewart and featuring Lamont Johnson, Gerald Mohr, Bob Griffin, Howard
McNear, and Parley Baer.  Britt Poncet tries to prevent a range war between local farmers and
the Double Seven cattle ranch.

Gunsmoke - February 28, 1953 - "Trojan War"
Starring William Conrad as Matt Dillon, Parley Baer as Chester, Georgia Ellis as Kitty,
Howard McNear as Doc, and guest star Larry Dobkin as Hack Prine. Others include Vic
Perrin, John Dehner, and Harry Bartell. An old girl friend of Matt's, Helen Ford dies after
being robbed on a stage coach coming to Dodge.