Glenn Miller's Music - April 5, 1940 - from the Cafe Rouge in New York City.
This live 30 minute program was typical of the "Big Band Remotes" from locations like
casinos or hotel ballrooms.  By 1940, the Glenn Miller Orchestra had discovered their
unique sound and was one of the finest bands in the land, but their greatest years were yet
to come.  This show includes the Miller hit "Tuxedo Junction."

Philco Radio Time - October 16, 1946
This was the first of the Bing Crosby Shows for Philco, probably Bing's best known radio
series. The historical significance of this series is that it was recorded on tape in advance,
and that put an end to the networks' strict rule against prerecorded entertainment. They
wanted Bing, and Bing insisted on having the ability to edit his shows if necessary. It was
almost as simple as that.  The guest on this program is Bing's best buddy Bob Hope.
Regulars on the show are announcer Ken Carpenter, John Scott Trotter with his Orchestra
& Chorus, the Charioteers, vocalist Lina Romay and a new young piano player name
Skitch Henderson (who switched to a horn and formed Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
orchestra in the 1970's).

Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam - Episode 591
First song is "Cross Patch".  For more information about this series, click the "More"
button on the right.

Les Paul Show - Audition
I know very little about this series. One of the recordings is marked as an audition and
dated March 1950. The other two that I have were just marked as episodes 2 and 3. The
quality of the audition is acceptable, and the other two are very good to excellent, so all
three are included here.