Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam - Episode 592
First song is "That Foolish Feeling".

Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam - Episode 593  
First song is "Wake Up and Live".
More "Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam"
"Singin' Sam" was the popular song stylist Harry Frankel. Harry could have been a major name in the music industry of
the 1930s and 40's if he had been willing to give up his lifestyle in Indiana and move to the major entertainment centres.
In the early thirties, he did radio shows for Barbasol, only because the company arranged for him to originate the
broadcasts from Cincinnati.  From 1937 to 1942, Harry recorded this series, "Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam" for
Coca Cola, broadcasting a fifteen minute program five days per week.  However, this series was not a nationwide live
broadcast - it was recorded on 16 inch diameter transcription records that were distributed to hundreds of non-network
stations.  Every two weeks, Frankel would fly to New York from Indiana to record ten shows in two days, and then return
home.  The series ended in 1942 when the American Federation of Musicians banned the use of transcriptions forcing all
music to be live. Frankel refused to change his lifestyle and leave Indiana, so he severed his association with Coca Cola.
The transcription issue was resolved after a strike in 1945, and Harry set up a transcription company to produce his own
programs that could be syndicated. The series of 260 shows was called "Reminiscin' With Singin' Sam".  A few of these
shows are still in circulation.  
Randy Riddle has one on his site.

The following Refreshment Time shows were originally recorded around 1938 or 39.  These files have been made directly
from the original broadcast transcriptions.  Almost 75 years old, many of the records  were in rough shape, but with a lot
of tender loving care and a minimum of digital processing, I have been able to get pretty good copies of the shows from
the old disks.

At the time I acquired these recordings (in the mid sixties), I had never heard of Harry Frankel or Singin' Sam, although I
was "somewhat familiar" with Coca Cola. The only interest I had in these 16 inch diameter disks was that they were
"inside start" recordings - that is, the record path starts close to the label near the centre of the record and concludes at
the outer rim. In other words, it sort of plays backwards.  I had heard about this type of recording and knew why they
were made like that, but I had never actually seen one. A normal recording is referred to as an "outside start".

As I listened to Harry's music, I became a fan. I think you will too.