Les Paul Show   episode 2 - The Gas Guitar

Les Paul Show episode 3 - The Les Paulverizer
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I know very little about this series. One of the recordings is marked as an audition and dated March 1950. The other two
that I have were just marked as episodes 2 and 3. The quality of the audition is acceptable, and the other two are very
good to excellent, so all three are included here.

Les Paul was an amazing guitarist with an intense interest in electronics.  He was one of the first musicians to "electrify"
a guitar, and use processing like reverb to shape the sounds. He was a pioneer first in sound-on-sound and later in
multi-track recording long before recording studios were even into stereo.  He often boasted that he played one guitar
and made it sound like several playing together.  His wife, Mary Ford, was his vocalist. Her voice was also multi-tracked
to produce amazing harmony.