Suspense June 17, 1942 - "The Burning Court"  
This episode's claim to fame is that it was the very first episode of the Suspense series (not including
the audition broadcast on "Forecast" on July 22, 1940.  Audience approval of the 1940 broadcast
paved the way for this debut broadcast of Suspense.

Suspense December 16, 1948 - "No Escape"
This is an excellent example of the high quality radio drama that was offered over the twenty year
run of Suspense.  This one stars James Cagney as a man who, on the eve of receiving a major safe
driving award, is involved in a serious automobile accident on a lonely canyon road. He makes
some bad decisions from which there is no escape.

Inner Sanctum May 1, 1945 - "The Girl and the Gallows"
starring Wendy Barrie

Calling All Cars  July 25, 1934 - "The Execution of John Dillinger"
"Calling All Cars" was a pioneer in the field of police investigation programming. Although its
production techniques were primative when compared to programs that followed later, like "Gang
Busters" and much later, "Dragnet", in its day, it was the class act of crime drama.  It dramatized
true stories, and this is one of them; it aired just days after John Dillinger met his end.