Amos and Andy  October 1, 1950 - "The Kingfish Gets Drafted"
The Kingfish receives a letter informing him that he has been drafted into the US Army. He
tries everything he can think of to try and get out of it - including trying to con Andy into
taking his place.  Stars Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll.

The Pepsodent Show Staring Bob Hope  December 28, 1943
originated from the San Diego Naval Hospital .  Bob plays to an enthusiastic audience of Navy
nurses with his guest star, Cary Grant.

Fibber McGee and Molly  March 25, 1941 - "Fibber Changes His Name"
Fibber decides to change his name because "Fibber" suggests that he tells "untruths".  This
show is of special interest to collectors for two reasons.  In the course of the story, McGee
relates how he came by the name of "Fibber".  This episode is also one of very few in which
Molly referred to her husband as "Fibber" - she usually called him "McGee" or "Dearie".

Life of Riley  June 16, 1950 - "TVs for Father's Day"
starring William Bendix as Chester Riley and John Brown as 'Digger' O'Dell, the friendly
undertaker and Gillis, Riley's coworker and pal.

My Favorite Husband  September 17, 1948 - "General Timberlake"
starring Lucille Ball. This series eventually evolved into a little known tv series called "I Love
Lucy" and several Lucy shows were adapted from "My Favorite Husband" scripts.

My Favorite Husband  October 21, 1949 - "Superstition"
starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning as Liz and George Cooper, with Frank Nelson, Anne
Whitfield, and Jerry Hausner.  A chirping cricket in Liz and George's hearth is driving George
crazy, but Liz is convinced that it means good luck. This show is complete with the original
1949 Jello Pudding commercials.

The Wayne and Shuster Show  October 13, 1949 - "Sault-Soo"
This is one of the few Canadian shows from the golden age that I have in my collection.
Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster were the comedy team that appeared most often on the "Ed
Sullivan" TV show, often performing sketches loosely based on the works of Shakespeare.
Dispite their great popularity in the United States, they always remained Canadian entertainers,
performing on CBC-TV until Johnny's death in January, 1990. This show is from very early in
their career as they started out on the CBC Radio Network.  The guest is Bert Pearl of "Happy
Gang" fame, and the announcer is Herb May.

The Aldrich Family  December 16, 1948 - "A Restful Evening"
starring Ezra Stone as Henry Aldrich

Our Miss Brooks  January 16, 1949 - "Student Government Day"
Starring Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Jeff Chandler, Richard Crenna, Gloria McMillan