Our Miss Brooks November 21, 1948 - "The Model School Teacher"
A magazine features Miss Brooks as their "Model Schoolteacher".

Our Miss Brooks August 21, 1949 - "Weekend at Crystal Lake"
Mr & Mrs Conklin are celebrating an anniversary at their Crystal Lake cottage. Wanting to play match maker, Mrs Conklin invites Miss Brooks and
Mr Boynton to join them for the weekend.

Our Miss Brooks December 24, 1950 - "The Magic Christmas Tree"
Miss Brooks is alone on Christmas eve. She falls asleep and has an amazing dream ... or was it really just a dream?

Our Miss Brooks May 8, 1955 - "Twin Orphans"
Two young boys try to enroll in Miss Brooks' English class, and they claim to be twin orphans who want to get a quick education so they can become

Our Miss Brooks September 11, 1955 - "Helping Hands"
Mr Conklin expects to receive a big promotion that will take him away from Madison High School. Word leaks out to the staff and students that he's
leaving, but they assume that he has been fired. They pitch in to try to help him out.
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