Escape    March 17, 1950 - "Three Skeleton Key"  
starring Vincent Price

The Shadow   July 10, 1938 - "The White God"
starring Orson Welles

The Adventures of the Falcon  January 7, 1951 - "Case of the Invisible Thug"
The Falcon character was created in a novel by Michael Arlen in 1940,  quickly became a
film series staring George Saunders, and began on radio in April of 1943. The lead actor in
the radio series changed every couple of years.  In 1951, actor Les Damon was playing the
role of Michael Waring, the private detective known as "The Falcon".

Europe Confidential  -  Episode 031 - "The Blackmailed Spy Affair"
This appears to have been one of possibly several programs in a series called "The World's
Greatest Mysteries" and each episode of Europe Confidential included a very generic
introduction by Basil Rathbone.  The intros could have fit any episode of the series.  
"Europe Confidential" is the story of the adventures of Mike Connoy, a reporter based in
Paris, who writes a column called Europe Confidential for the "European edition of a
famous American newspaper" that is eventually identified as the "American Chronicle".  I
don't have broadcast dates for this series, but one of my episodes is a story about a time
machine inventor and it refers to the present date as 1957.
This episode, "The Blackmailed Spy Affair", is set during World War II. A British agent
behind enemy lines start sending back false information.  Mike Connoy is sent to investigate,
and tells us the story in his column years later.

Boston Blackie - Episode 51 - "Murder on the Trapeze"
A childhood friend of Mary Wesley is a trapeze artist who thinks that she is about to be
murdered.    This episode, starring Dick (Richard) Kollmar,  is believed to have aired for the
first time on April 2, 1946. This is a first generation recording from my 16 inch transcription
disk, not the original broadcast.