Europe Confidential  -  Episode 031 - "The Blackmailed Spy Affair"
This episode is set during World War II.   A British agent behind enemy lines start sending back false information.  Mike
Connoy is sent to investigate, and tells us the story in his column years later.

Europe Confidential ep 032 - "Missing Bullfighter Affair"
A famous bullfighter vanishes after his brother, also a bullfighter, is killed in the ring.  Mike Connoy sets out to find him.

Europe Confidential ep 033 - "The Weinreich Affair"
Set in pre-war Germany, a British girl who married a German surgeon may be in trouble.  Her father has suddenly stopped
receiving letters from her.

Europe Confidential ep 034 - "The Judy Diamond Affair"
A tale of a fixed boxing match, a large sucker bet, and a double cross.

Europe Confidential ep 035 - "The Senator Payne Affair"
An American senator is being blackmailed.  The only man who can help him is a man whom the senator once drove out of
the United States.

Europe Confidential ep 036 - "The Spaniard Affair"
Mike manages to infiltrate a black-market operation controlled by a gangster known as the Spaniard.

Europe Confidential ep 037 - "The Jane Ferris Affair"
Jane Ferris was of no importance to anyone until she died.

Europe Confidential ep 038 - "The Whiplash Steele Affair"
When cowboy singer Whiplash Steele is kidnapped, Mike Connoy decides to try to find him -  with amusing results.

Europe Confidential ep 039 -   "The Henri DuBois Affair"
Henri DuBois had been accused of murder, but he had escaped.  17 years later, another man confessed to the murder, and
told the police where to find the necessary proof.  Mike sets out to find that proof, and to try to find Henri DuBois, who
hasn't been seen for the past 17 years.

Europe Confidential ep 040 - "The Silver Monkey Affair"
A racing driver loses his lucky charm, and he's afraid to race with out it.  Mike discovers that the charm was stolen to
upset the driver so that he would lose the race.  Mike's investigation follows a trail that leads to murder.

Europe Confidential ep 041 - "The Stolen Van Gogh Affair "
A plot to steal a valuable painting ends with a big surprise.

Europe Confidential ep 042 - "The Air Race Affair"
At the last stop before the finish line in their race, the pilot of the plane currently in the lead vanishes.  Mike tracks him
down to get the story for his  newspaper.

Europe Confidential ep 043 - "The Paul Winfield Affair"
Set in Britain during World War II, a raid on a photographic establishment leads to the destruction of Paul Winfield's

Europe Confidential ep 044 - "The Desert Gold Affair"
A man steals a shipment of gold from a gang of smugglers, and has plans to dump it on the black market.

Europe Confidential ep 045 - "The Time Machine Affair"
Mike suspects that a man who claims to have build a time machine might be a con artist, and he sets out to prove it.  The
dialogue dates the series as 1957.

Europe Confidential ep 046 - "The Sniper Affair "
A sniper has been shooting pretty girls on the street. Mike decides that he will track the sniper down.

Europe Confidential ep 047 - "The Football Pool Affair "
Mike thinks that he might be able to get a good story about what winners of football pools do with their winnings.  He
finds one winner who married a count.

Europe Confidential ep 048 - "The Circus Clown Affair"
This is the tale of a clown in love with a woman who is a lion tamer.  When smuggled diamonds enter the picture, the trail
leads to murder.

Europe Confidential ep 049 - "The Brett Monahan Affair "
This is the story of three people caught in a political revolution in a Balkan state, who have tried to get out, and have only
two plane tickets between them.

Europe Confidential ep 050 - "The Raymond Shortly Affair"
A newspaper ad inquiring as to the whereabouts of one Raymond Shortly sends Mike off on another adventure to get a
story for his paper.

Europe Confidential ep 051 - "The Museum Break-in Affair"
A museum guard is murdered, and some valuable pieces stolen from the museum shortly before they were to be shown on

Europe Confidential ep 052 - "The Fountain Affair"
A girl is killed in a hit and run incident.  Mike tries to find the killer before the girl's lover does.
More "Europe Confidential"
If you know of any episodes of Europe Confidential that are not here, please let me know.
I'm also interested in another series called "Spike Harrigan" that was also packaged like this under the "World's
Greatest Mysteries" banner with intros and extros by Basil Rathbone. So far, I have not found any episodes although I
know at least two exist.