These Boston Blackie episodes are all first generation recordings from my 16 inch transcription disks and feature Dick
Kollmar as Blackie. The broadcast dates shown are the date the program was originally broadcast.  They were circulated
on transcription disks after that date.

Boston Blackie - Episode 52 - April 9, 1946 - "Murder on Cedar Street"
A girl met Blackie in a drug store, gave him her address, and told him that she is about to be killed.  Blackie goes to her
home only to discover the body of a murdered girl, but it's not the same girl Blackie had talked to.  At the same time,
Inspector Faraday gets a tip that sends him to the same address where he finds Blackie with the body.

Boston Blackie - Episode 79 - October 15, 1946 - "Murder at the Rodeo"
A girl, a trick rider in a rodeo, calls Blackie for protection, but she is hurt in a fall in the rodeo ring before Blackie arrives.  
A murder keeps Blackie at the rodeo.
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